Arty Farty …

Once upon a time….

A long time ago…

I was quite the little artist! But not anymore… This would not be a problem to the ordinary person, but one of my girlfriends is hosting a “workshop” to paint… This is more an attempt to get together (which seems to be getting al the more difficult as time goes by??  — my mom told me this is going to happen 😀 ) !!!

Quite nervous…

But I’ve got my picture…

And my brushes…

We can only wait and see what happens!

(Watch this space!)


About xan3ver

I'm a civil engineering student with a thirst for travelling and photography (I truly believe this is actually what my career should be)... But alas, due to late realisations and no money, I can't do either. I do enjoy civil engineering though (understandably.... it is an awesome field)! But watch this space.......... :)
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