The Bali Name Craze …

I have always wanted to travel to Indonesia, Malaysia, or any place near there! I read a very interesting fast fact in this winter’s issue of Travel Ideas … “The People in Bali only have one of four names: Wayan, Made, Nyoman, and Ketut.”

Say What ??

After pondering this fact for a moment I started my search on trusty google! This fact was indeed very very true!!!

According to quite a few websites the gender of the person does not matter. Whether you are male or female, the firstborn is named Putu, Wayan, Nengah or Wokalayan. The second born is named Made or Kadek. The third is named Nyoman, Ika or Kamang and the fourth would be Ketut.

What if there is a fifth, sixth or seventh child?

Easy, the whole process just starts from scratch!

Crazy! 😀 … but interesting!


About xan3ver

I'm a civil engineering student with a thirst for travelling and photography (I truly believe this is actually what my career should be)... But alas, due to late realisations and no money, I can't do either. I do enjoy civil engineering though (understandably.... it is an awesome field)! But watch this space.......... :)
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